Manager Selection

3rdMark looks for managers who have a demonstrated commitment to building a high quality investment management business, and who believe in building enduring relationships with their clients.

Managers are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • High Quality Investment Management Team dedicated to delivering excellent investment performance.
  • Enthusiastic Senior Management Leadership that understands the key drivers for success in an Investment Management Business.
  • Clearly defined investment philosophy and process that is sustainable and is a compelling story that provides a product advantage.
  • Strong Ethical Approach and Commitment to meet all Regulatory and Compliance Requirements in the Australian and New Zealand Marketplaces.
  • A track record of investment performance consistent with their Investment Philosophy.
  • Investment Team Continuity and Reward Structure with substantial investment in the products by Portfolio Managers.
  • Strong Risk Management Processes.
  • Competitive Fees and Product Structures.
  • Sufficient Capacity.
3rdMark 3rdMark

Contract terms are negotiated on a case-by-case basis to reflect client-specific needs. Each arrangement is designed to minimise the client’s fixed costs and establish a clear alignment of interest. Our typical agreement combines a retainer and a percentage of revenue for new business generated by 3rdMark.